Curating Resources

When I first began this assignment, I was a little intimidated by the word “curation” and the idea of “curating resources.” I kept thinking, “but we’re school library majors, not curators.” But after delving into the topic a little more and getting a better understanding of the meaning of curation, I realized that this is something I have been doing a long time without even realizing it most of the time. Curating is simply thoughtfully selecting and collecting resources into one convenient location, which is what we do using bookmarks and numerous of online tools every day. Curating helps keep us organized, but it also is vitally necessary in the 21st century school (Clark, 2017). With so many schools using completely online resources like Google Drive, all student work and information is stored in the cloud, and keeping things organized is extremely important (Clark, 2017). Curation helps not only us as educators and individuals to stay organized online, but it is a vital skill that we pass on to our students to help them learn to thrive in an online world of the future (Clark, 2017).

For this week’s assignment, I chose to use Padlet as an online curation tool for Chrome Extensions. I’ve heard of Padlet, but didn’t have much experience using it before today. I found it very simple and intuitive, and it was easy to add a title of a resource, a short description, and the link, and then Padlet was able to use the exact appropriate picture every time. The only thing I didn’t like was the inability to organize or sort the resources in various ways; I had to manually move them around myself, but that was okay.

I decided to curate a small collection of Chrome extensions that would be beneficial to teachers and educators. So many school districts are moving to Chromebooks and some of us may be lacking the functionality of a regular computer, or may even be just trying to keep our heads above water learning how to use the technology. I was vaguely familiar with Chrome extensions before, but I’ve discovered some great extensions that really help me both in my personal and professional life, and ones that will absolute serve teachers and students’ needs. I hope you check them out and enjoy!

Chrome Extensions for Teachers



T Clark. (2017, January 9). Curation for Digital Learning [web log comment]. Retrieved from

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